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on a later date. in washington, greg bosswell. >> sent her threatening emails. warning her to stay is a away from petreas. that claim led to the fbi investigation that exposed petreas' extra marital affair are broadwell. ankle kelley is an unpaid liaison for florida. >> mcafee is reportedly wantedded for murder. they are looking for john mcafee, his believed neighbored grege fall was killed saturday night. mcafee is no longer connected to the sanity clara company. there are reports that after an 100 million-dollar sales of his company, he went to belize to live a life of guns, and violence. >>> the 29 million-dollar housing development features 25 single occupancy units and a medical clinic. veterans told us they are grateful. >> i have multiple sclerosis. but i still have a great desire to live with a little bit of grace and dignity. >> the china town community development -- >> in washington and around the nation. concern is growing tonight over the so-called fiscal cliff. that terms levers to automatic deep cuts in spending and tax increases at the start of next year if congress fails to
. >>> with the election now behind us, washington lawmakers now turn their attention to the so-called fiscal cliff looming at the end of the year. there will be $600 billion in automatic tax increases, as temporary tax breaks end, and new taxes take effect. at the same time, the government will have to implement massive spending cuts agreed upon last year as part of a debt ceiling deal. join boehner opened the door to new taxes. >> for the purposes of forging a bipartisan agreement that begins to some the problem, we're willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions. >> boehner said the right conditions including a overhaul of entitlements, reform of the tax code. some democrats immediately objected to lowering income tax. >>> the dow industrials fell 300 points. nasdaq fell 74. the market's toughest day was made worse by scaled back estimates from europe. >>> the city of san jose is raising its minimum wage before the level set by the state. live at san jose state, and tells us the vote could be the start of a whole new trend. >> reporter: frank, if you work in san jose and make minimum wage, y
. the washington red skins have closed 17-1 in presidential prediction. the red skin rule goes as this. if the home team wins at home before the election the incumbent stays in office. however if the opponent loses, then so does the president. today the red skin lost to the panthers. indicating that mitt romney will win the white house. >>> occupied protesters will return to washington for a preelection day protest. the last occupy dc encampment joined by in february. they hope to show the government that quote, we are the 99%. telling protesters that no with weapons will be allowed and no violence will be tolerated. >>> a ktvu special report. >> i know that refinery workers at chevron and other refineries do fear retaliation. >> almost three months after that massive fire at chevron's refinery in richmond, tom vacar takes a closer look at safety concerns and what happens when chevron fails to act. >> and if >>> in tonight's special report we take a closer look at refineries in richmond. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar went through pages of refinery records and tells us what he learned about past co
is the first state to put it on the ballot in its own right. maryland and washington voters are asked to overturn it by legislatures. minnesota voters asked to change the constitution to define marriage between a man and a woman. 6 states legalized same sex marriage by legislation, this is maryland earlier this year. now, thattates previously rejected gay marriage. they have been encouraged by polling showing 49% favor same sex marriage. maryland voter turnout, reported as heavy. early returns just into our news room, 52% are approving it. in maine, early returns, 53% approving same sex marriage. minnesota, no returns yet. the results in washington state may not be known until the end of this week because of late mail in balloting. back to you. >> now, in addition to election results, ktvu reporters are watching voter turnout, analysts predicted fewer people will go to the polls compared to the last presidential election. and, david stevenson is in san francisco to tell us what he is finding out about the question of turnout, david? >> reporter: the voting booths behind me hera at sa
offered no hit today during a press conference in washington. she served four years as speaker of the house before democrats lost the majority in 2010. >>> a bicyclist is recovering after a hit and run crash. the cruel twist that left him without wheels. >>> well, here it is, motor trend's pick for car of the year. we'll show you why came out on top and what it means for the electric car industry and silicone valley. >>> pleasant weather will return for your wednesday, however, wet changes are on the way. i'll have your timeline coming up [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] . >>> the family of an oakland newborn who was delivered with the help ofhreeaknd police officers had a chance to say thank you today. little baby nolan here was delivered at a gas station friday night right across from nolan park. the baby's father as
battle. after the dust settles, washington remains the same as it was before the election. let's go there with scott. >> reporter: the president keeps the white house. republicans keep the u.s. house and democrat keep the senate. after two years of washington gridlock, the power structure remains as-is. >> after cheering crowds surrounded the white house and the larger crowds gathered in chicago, president obama smoke. >> we are an american family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people. >> the gop keeps the u.s. house, and easily, for the first time in years, there were so many competitive races in california, the votes being talllied late into the night tonight you but democrats couldn't make moves in the west, which will lead to the future of pelosi, the house democratic leader who didn't say if she would stick around. washington state senator murry led a celebration in dc for senate democrats who managed to hold their narrow majority thanks to blow -out wins by candidates in important battleground states. >> one we started almost two years ago now with this
in washington. referendum 74 has maintained its lead with 72% of the vote. the state joined maine and maryland where they pay us a same-sex union. couples in washington state can start getting married in december. today a judge blocked part of the ballot measure cracking down on human trafficking taking effect. civil liberties groups report that sex offenders report their online screen name to police within 24 hours of registering to a website. the americans support civil union and the judge will feel or hear arguments november 20. president obama is set to lay out his agenda tomorrow. in six minutes, the address that may shape america's economic future. the bay area's crab season is set to open next week in time for thanksgiving. fishing for crab is already underway, it is an early indicator of the commercial season. fishing boat captain say they are seeing full crab pots on iran and even those crabbing peers say they are happy with their take. >> every trip we made clear getting full traps. >> saturday i was here for five hours and got nothing but monday i got eight. >> a menace to agree on
. in washington, back to you. >> skepticism about a compromise derailed a rally on wall street. the dow got a 4 point gain. it was a rough week for both indexes as each lost more than 2%. >>> bay area congresswoman, spear, says she believes compromise to avoid the cliff is possible but that it has to come from both sides of the aisle. >> i think the miles an the american people spoken loud and clear. that is something that the respects take to heart. other waoeusz the tax cuts will just expire. they will expire on everybody. >> one analyst we talked with pressure from the public can help break the deadlock in congress. >>> president barack obama has a visit to new york next week to review recovery efforts after hurricane sandy. the white house says the president will meet with families, first responders and local specials on thursday. the new york state a lope officials estimate sandy caused as much as $33 billion in damage. >>> there is a stunning shake up in washington as cia director resigned over an affair. he caused his behavior unacceptable. he and his wife holly here at his his swearing
while he testified. >>> in washington, emily schmidt. >>> jill kelly and her twin sister visited three times eating two courtesy meals at the white house cafeteria and getting a tour of an aid. it was a request for an investigation into a threatening e-mail that uncovered cia's marital affair. >>> california unemployment rate stood at 10.1% compared to 10.2. down 1.5% from a year ago. the rate shows employers add just under 46,000 new jobs last month. 20,000 of the new jobbing were in resale. the unemployment number remained the same throughout our counties. none are in the double digits. they have the highest number,ala meadea comes in lower. >> president barack obama and say they are optimistic of falling of the fiscal cliff. they called the meeting constructive. they expect to find a way to stop the cuts that are set to kick in january 1st. >> what folks are looking for and awful us agree on this is action. they want to see we are focused on them, not focused on our politics here in washington. >> at a press conference after the meeting, the sauce speaker says increased is on the t
are expecting the nature of politics to really change, that the character of washington would change dramatically, which it hasn't, i think that's part of it. the newness of his candidacy has worn off. that doesn't mean though that a lot of the policies he's promoting or what washington deals with doesn't still impact young people because it absolutely does. things like student loans, access to the state of the macroeconomic environment, the likelihood that college students when they get their degree have employers looking to hire, these are all influences by politics in washington. >> doctor, thank you very much for joining us today. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> the giants are world series champions for the second time in three years. we're honored by more than 1 million fans in a parade in san francisco. many of the fans traveled from the south bay. what does the giants' success mean for the oakland as' dreams? >> most of the bay area rejoiced on wednesday as the san francisco giants celebrated their latest world series win with their loyal fans. >> i think this is amaz
of governors of washington state and colorado legalizing marijuana for recreational news in defiance of federal law. >> president obama received 50,000 less votes in colorado than amendment 64 which legalized marijuana and that should send a message that this is a mainstream issue and they need to get on board with the will of voters. >> reporter: aaron smith with the cannabis industry association says all medical marijuana cases should be frozen and he hopes that legislation freezes cane. >> if they hope about their political future they will back off. >> i just hope that the medical cannabis collectives in california can hang on until that happens. >> reporter: but that could be a long way. as for the federal government stands, the justice department only says it is reviewing what voters decided on election day. in oakland, ken pritchett, ktvu news. >>> greens are 50s, yellows are 70s so you get the picture. temperatures are starting to warm. temperatures continue to warm into the next 24 hours. so when i come back 10:45 we're going to talk about the door opening up. we have some rain in the
up the challenge the 1996 defensive marriage act. >>> in washington the looming fiscal cliff is topping the news. >> for the good of the country only if democrats will do entitlement reform. >> without a bipartisan plan, bush era tax cuts will expire. congressional leaders expect another face to face meeting with president obama as soon as this week. >> republican senator john mccain backed off from fiery criticism of susan rice about the 9/11 attack against the u.s. diplomatic post in benghazi libya. >> i think she deserves the ability to explain herself and her position just as she said. but she's not the problem. the problem is the president of the united states who on -- in a debate with mitt romney said that he had said it was a terrorist attack, he hadn 't. >> rice has maintained she based her statements on protesters on cia intelligence available at the time. four americans including u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens were killed. >>> police are making progress in recovering some 2 million donations made to the salvation early. police in toronto said earlier in the
in washington helped wall street temporarily stop its postelection slide. the dow closed 45 points higher today. the nasdaq gained 16. the markets rallied higher after the remarks from the president and congress. >>> former cia director petraeus was back in capitol hill today exactly one week after he acknowledged an extramarital affair. as john fowler reports, lawmakers questioned the four star general about the deadly attack at the u.s. consulate in libya. >> reporter: retired general petraeus apologized to lawmakers for his apair that led to his resignation last week. reveals a military culture of sexual corruption. >> i'm deeply, deeply disappointed in former general petraeus' actions. the jury is still out on what general allen did. but when it's happening at the top you know it's corrupting all the way down the chain. >> reporter: the investigation was questioning the attack in benghazi. specifically what the white house knew and when. >> it added to our ability to make judgments about what is clearly a failure of intelligence. >> in talking points to the un that the attacks were spontane
sunday, two senators weighing in from washington. >> i don't think the israelis really want a ground war. if sending ground troops in is the only way of cleaning out these nests of rockets being fired at them. you can't blame them for doing it. >> reporter: u.n. secretary moon is expected to arrive in cairo on sunday. and a delegation of arab ministers is expected to visit gaza on tuesday all in a bid to end the conflict before more lives are lost. along the israel-gaza border, david lee miller. >>> anderson cooper was caught off guard while reporting in the middle east. >> two media centers built -- woe. that was a rather large explosion. cooper quickly regained his composure and continued his reporting. >>> in other news of the world tonight, in mexico the search is now on for the person responsible for killing a former mayor of a western mexican town who survived two earlier attempts on her life. the body of maria santos salazar was found last week. she served as mayor of the town in the town of michoacan. an assassination attempt in 2009 left her wounded and killed her husband. >>> i
. >>> supporters of same-sex marriage are celebrating tonight in washington state. voters there have approved gay marriage. the celebration began even before the vote became full- time today and opponents conceded -- vote became final today and opponents conceded. >>> the gay marriage debate was front and center today in walnut creek. that's where a new fast food restaurant opened to long lines of customers. as ktvu's jade hernandez reports chick-fil-a were being served up with a side of protest and counter protest. >> reporter: the plan was always to open with a protest here. then tuesday's election result approving same-sex marriage in three other states further encouraged protesters. >> i think it made us more eager to get out here and tell people, that they're on the wrong side of history. >> in those states they decided against morality. >> reporter: dave katy served up some controversy saying they're guilty against charged. >> that's intolerance. >> reporter: this isn't about hate and shouldn't be on either side. >> we don't want to interrupt with their business, we don't want them to not g
the first time a powerful washington figure has been involved in a sex scandal. but few have been so far reaching stretching from washington to central command in florida to afghanistan. >> how do all of these things sort of accumulate and add to public cynicism and public mistrust of leadership and institutions that in the long haul need to be trusted. >> reporter: general allen was on track to become supreme nato ally commander. that is on hold while the petraeus scandal is investigated. >>> the white house has said it has postponed consideration of california's ban on same-sex marriage. the court is now expected to decide whether they will take the case november 30th 10 days later than originally planned. if the justices decide not to hear the prop appeal, then the ninth circuit ruling will stand allowing same-sex couples to marry in california. >>> the move is a last minute protest against an historic cap and trade greenhouse gas actions suffered tomorrow. companies will be able to buy and sell credits to stay within mandated limits for greenhouse gas emissions. in a suit filed in su
. in washington, craig boswell fox news. >> on wall street, the markets went from bad to worse after the president's fiscal cliff assessment. the dow is down double digits early on and the losses intensified ultimately dropping 185 points. nasdaq fell 37, each index shed 36%. retail sales fell last month, the decrease follows three straight months of gain. superstorm sandy had both positive and negative effects on the sales. boosting sales at some stores as people stock up on supplies and hurting auto sales. >>> today -- lock up periods in august and october. it's the largest release that facebook share since the company's initial public offering back in may. investors reacted positively. facebook stock ended the day up 16%, the state auctioned off dozens of cars, trucks and trailers today in davis. a chopping block, once a, a dump truck and a bathroom on wheels. it's the third auction since governor brown ordered the sale of nonessential vehicles. so far, the state's made more than a million dollars on the sales. the auction's scheduled to be held on the second monday of the month until the vehic
for decades to come. >> watch washington -- he led the team for eleven seasons but this year the team only had three wins. >> you're legacy is unquestionable. however the current state of our program is not what our student at leets, fans and  community deserve. >> he released this statement. >> i'm so the grateful all of the players in make call football relevant. >> coach tedford is the reason why i'm here. >> he says the the players were told this morning that their coach was fired. >> i would like to see coach tedford here. that was my head coach, the coach i planned on finishing college with. >> although tedford will no longer be on the sidelines he's left a lasting impression on the university. >> the stadium is awesome. >> we need to bring in somebody new to help with the stadium to sell seats etc. because it's going to go down hill. >> one of the major requirements someone who can succeed on and off the field. call's current graduation rate is 48%. the lowest in the pack 12. >>> we're still two days away from thanksgiving but some already feeling the holiday spirit. much of the day s
for washington families. >> still today, really would. in renewed hopes about am the dows. the -- president obama plans to host this former rival. during this election, victory speech, um remember that the president said to look forward to talking with romney about how the two men can work together. >>> a lot of hopefuls in 42 states have less than an hour to get in on the record paul ball jackpot. injuries dreaming of the potential pay off. $550 million. that's more than half a billion dollars. now the odds of correctly matching the numbers are 1/175 million. california does not participate in the power ball lottery. >>> but for a good cause, the 90-year-old says she'll go on a date with the highest birder on an online auction benefits the fca. she's best known for her role. if it's a dramatic rescue effort that's yet to play out. the extreme lengths one bay area military group is going to save a sailor in desstress. you can call and a next week break in the stormy weather. chief meteorologist bill tells us -- depend if you're on the go or away from the tv quote- unquote you can still watch the
. in washington, nicole collins, fox news. >>> here at home, thousands of people have cast ballots at san francisco's city hall but still elections numbers, officials say the number of early voters is lagging. precinct workers are getting ready for tomorrow. the director of election says so far early turnout this presidential cycle just isn't measuring up to the 2008 presidential election. >> it's a bit lower than i expected at this point. today i would have expected around 14, 15,000. i got 7,000 in. art says he expects a crush of people flooding in tomorrow and the city will likely see a typical 71% turnout rate for presidential election. >>> governor brown and other state leaders are on a final push to pass prop 30. ahead in 11 minutes the late surprise twist that may innuance some voters deciding the pif toll state measure. >>> a south bay principal today was sentence today probation, not jail time, after being convicted for failing to report suspected child abuse by a teacher. lynn vijayendran sat quietly this afternoon after the jury's guilty verdict was read. vijayendran was the pr
boehner agree that tax and revenue is a priority. >> reporter: in washington, nicole collins fox news. >>> more details on that so called fiscal cliff. without action bush era tax cuts would end. including the child tax credit and earned income tax credit. billions of the dollars in automatic spending cuts would kick in including money for education, food inspections and air travel safety. >>> the dow industrials closed up four points the nasdaq gained nine. but for the week, both of those indexes ended more than 2% lower. >>> the unexpected resignation of cia director david petraeus. general petraeus is best known for his leadership in the post9/11 wars. he had served as c -- cia director for more than a year. >>> senator dianne feinstein called loss of petraeus a loss. >>> fbi agents reportedly discovered the affair while investigating a possible security breech at the cia. according to the report the name paula baldwell came up. the fbi was initially concerned that someone had improperly accessed petraeuses e-mail and that classified information might be compromised. >>> san fran
and the house is republican will we continue to see grid lock in washington for the next four years. regarding the local issues in california were there any trends or surprises that you saw? thank you for your time we really apperciate your insight. the east coast continues to recover from the damage caused by superstorm sandy. the bay area is doing its part to help millions of people get back on their feet. update news' aziah douglas ... is live on campus with the story ... aziah. super storm sandy killed more than 100 on the east coast -- left millions of people without power ... and caused up to 50-billion dollars in damage. and people here on the west coast are still concerned for loved ones. ">>>san jose state student achida sama ... felt helpless as he watched superstorm sandy slam into the east coast. " i felt like there was nothing i could do, but just sit in my corner and pray." sama's mother and sister live in new york and maryland. "i was calling them a lot. i was always texting them. i was trying to stay up to date on like the status of how severe hurricane sandy was." his family g
memorial center in washington, d.c. the museum will be built behind the veterans memorial wall. there are more than 200,000 items in storage. photos of vets who died in vietnam, iraq and afghanistan will display on screens. the project is expected to be completed within the next two years. >>> tracking the next weather system. we're getting that break. we got some rain this morning and we're getting this nice break before this next series of systems moves in. and breaks are what we need. eureka, sacramento, they're going to be picking up a lot of green because there's going to be rain draped in the north bay that's going to sit up there. sit there for seven or eight hours according to the computer model. they're going to get a lot of rain north of santa rosa. the forecast shows for some light showers, but not a big deal. we'll be partly cloudy in the morning. in the bay area proper here's how the rain goes. there's more rain on the way. the first system lingers in the north bay tomorrow afternoon. so that's thursday into friday. saturday could be our break. superimportant here.
the race for the white house is neck and neck. a new washington posttracking poll shows 49% of likely voters support president obama. while 48% say they're voting for his republican challenger mitt romney. >>> the candidates returned to the campaign trail this morning after several days off. >> right now we could be putting more people back to work now. fixing roads and bridges, making sure our schools are state of the art. >> reporter: the president is expected to travel nonstop until election day hitting the all important battleground states. he has set to return to ohio tomorrow. >> i'm going to reach across the aisle and meet with democrats who love america just like you love america, and there are good democrats like that. >> romney is expected to attend rallies in ohio and wisconsin tomorrow. >>> president obama received a big endorsement from new york city mayor michael bloomberg. he used this week's storm to highlight the president's warning about global warming. >>> the victim's wife says she still hasn't been allowed to see her husband's body. >> wilbur bartly's family share
to run the table to become bowl eligible starting tonight against the visiting washington huskies. cal had 14 players out with injuries including keenan al lean and everything got -- keenan allen and everything got worse from there. he may never wear a golden bear jersey again. chris harper a chance to look and show off. that's a harper's bazaar, too bad it didn't translate points. the second quarter chris harver makes his first college run. cal u gets two field goals and put together a 90-yard drive. keith price throws to austin safarian jenkins. huskies beat cal for the fourth time. mannard gets injured and leaves the game with a knee injury. they fall to three and seven over all after losing on the day. third time in head coach jeff there will be no bowl game invitation. >>> and our high school football game of the week. how about this one, right there in danville it's san ramon valley against monte vista. grizzlies led at halftime. but san ramon valley coming back big time. burst hits de la pena. then he find his second gear and it's a 76-yard touchdown for de la pena and the wolve
they want. hundreds in washington, d.c. showed their support of pbs and children's programming during a million muppet march. humans joined puppets including big bird for the march. idea came after mitt romney's comment during a debate last month about defunding public broadcasting, leaving big bird and sesame street as one of the casualties. organizers say the march is meant to show support for the educational mission of pbs. >> starting tomorrow prices for barnes & noble nook and nook color will be reduced. that means thatwhile the nook color will cost $139. the price reduction come as shipping begins for the company's latest tablet, the nook hd. >>> photo filters are coming to twitter, according to reports. the new feature competes directly with facebook's instagram and will allow users to share altered images, bypassing instagram. the new update is expected to be valuable in next few months. >> a new twist on the tweet. this is british x-factor judge nicole scherzinger in a dress that tweets. we're told that the dress had more than 2,000 led lights and the tweets were displayed
states. >>> just days after washington state voters to legalize marijuana, the law doesn't take effect until december, but officials in kings county say they are already living bit new rules. county prosecutor ys he is making sure is that current and pending misdemeanor marijuana possession cases are not left in legal limbo. >> we identified about 175 cases and decided to dismiss them today. >> also today the county sheriff's office announced it's no longer making minor marijuana arrests. >>> calling for an end to a controversial program. coming up in just 12 minutes, the push to end a federal program that targets immigrants. >>> new details are emerging about the fbi investigation that ended the career of cia director david petraeus. the cia was looking into a report by an unidentified woman that paula broadwell was sending her harassing e-mail. broadwell is an army reserve officer who wrote a recent biography of petraeus. >> obviously it's going to an emotional effect. in terms of the agency doing its job, no, not at all. with regard to general petraeus career history will judge t
that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. >> reporter: word from washington is petraeus has agreed to testify this week, possibly as soon as tomorrow, before a congressional inquiry into the deadly attacks in benghazi. republicans began calls for a watergate style investigation into the attacks. >> what did the president know? when did he know it? and what did he do about it? >> reporter: reports also surfaced that the fbi found classified military documents at the home of paula broadwell. her security clearance was suspended. jill kelley, the woman who touched off the initial fbi investigation has had her pass to enter an air force base suspended indefinitely. even with the swirling scandal, president obama has far more pressing matters on his plate says henry brady. >> most of the people in the white house are sitting around saying, let's just let this take its course, people are going to complain and make noise, but let's focus on the big important thing, which is this fiscal cliff. >> reporter: now with the petraeus scandal, one more item has been added t
on the eve of the general's testimony before the national committee. >> reporter: capitol hill washington, d.c., top u.s. security officials arrive for closed door hearings while at the same time -- >> the president himself has intentionally miss informed, read that live to the american people. >> reporter: the lawmakers held their talks about the benghazi attack. >> if you want to know who is responsible in your town, buy yourself a mirror. >> reporter: lawmakers searched for a possible connection if any in a tangled line of story lines. >> the resignation of general petraeus has opened up even more questions such as what is contained in a report he prepared following his visit to benghazi. >> reporter: general petraeus resigned his postafter acknowledging an extramarital affair with his biographer. today petraeus came forward for the first time since he resigned since speaking on camera. >> he has insisted to me that he has never passed confidential information to paula broadwell. >> reporter: general petraeus will testify about the attack in benghazi here at the home of chris steven's mot
more. >> the first family also continuedity own tradition by going to a washington food bank to hand out food to those in need. >>> a lot of toothbrushes, toothpaste. >> lynn soto has a son serving in afghanistan. she started asking friends for items to create christmas care packages. the response is overwhelming. starting saturday, she plans to start filling the packages to send to the troops. >>> decision time. the secretary the interior goes face-to-face with a family trying to >>> part of ocean beach remains closed this hour. the san francisco puc says contaminated water burst through a man hole cover. it flooded the parking area and promenade, then spilled onto the sand and throwed into the ocean. officials say the pumping station was operating at full capacity, but that the rain simply overwhelmed the system. >> we have pretty large storage tanks along the highway. storage tanks that go down 50 feet deep. even those were maxed out. >> they expect to get has been results back tomorrow regarding the water's quality, but it could be a week before the beach is reopened. >>> the fa
points in the 2nd quarter including three a tvs in a 32 second span. >>> washington happily spent thanksgiving in dallas today. skins quarterback robert griffin iii hits another rookie aldridge robertson, a 68-yard touchdown. one of four today. the skins win in dallas, 38-31. both teams five and six. >>> detroit loses its 9th straight thanksgiving day game. houston texans are nfl best ten and one. four different schools have won san francisco's last four turkey bowls and today lincoln defeats the defending champs. the mustangs beat mission in submission three weeks ago. 43-13 and today the mission bears and the white helmets come bk. the bears have a 21-14 lead here and the mustangs score a td and then williams has a two point conversion, lincoln comes back to beat mission, 22-21. san jose bulldogs brought their undefeated record in the 70 annual big bone game at the san jose city college. the bulldogs punt and a great block here and wakes up poncho cruz and the lions beat the bulldogs for the 15th consecutive time, 55-13. the bull sts home at lincoln high. all american candidate
and you will see it on channel 2. great rivalry up in deluth. hosting the washington huskies down at one point 28-10. they come all the way to overtime. that is pole 67-yard return with an interception that sets up the game winning field goal 31-38 cougars of wsu and they storm the field. quite an upset there particularly considering the deficit they overcame. that is the sporting life for a friday night. should be interesting come sunday. a game you will see on channel 2. looks like kapernick at quarterback and it'll be a different story there in new orleans. loud crowd, in a dome, enemy territory we'll see how they do then and then we'll really have a controversy. >> if he plays well, yeah, thank you mark. >> thank you so much for trusting ktvu news. >> we'll have the latest on the conditions of the
people are hospitalized after a flash fire in the state department in washington, d.c.. crews were doing routine maintenance when the fire broke out. one worker suffered life- threatening injuries and the other two were seriously hurt, but expected to survive. workers had the fire out before firefighters evening arrived. >>> president obama offered thanksgiving greetings in his weekly address and gratitude tonight blessings that miles per hours enjoy. >> the ability to spend time with the ones that we love, to say what we want, to worship as we please and know there are brave men and women defending our freedom around the globe. >> the president noted that many on the east coast are still recovering from superstorm andy and thanks everyone for pitching in to help their neighbors. >>> president obama was among those making a point of shopping at a locally owned store this afternoon. the president and his daughters visited neighborhood bookstore in arlington, virginia. he bought about 15 books to give as christmas presents. >>> california may soon be one of the few states that require st
. >> reporter: at washington high school tonight where the girl was a freshman the principal told me that plans are being made to assist students with their brief. she also tells me that a moment of silence will be held tomorrow morning. i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now to the south bay where authorities evacuated more than a dozen people after receiving reports of shortness of breath and skin irritation. this is developing news and matt keller has just learned within the hour what caused that strong odor that left so many people there feeling sick. >> reporter: monday night's are usually very busy at the club one here in the south san jose. but you can see there are very few cars or people here after an evacuation of woman's locker room. firefighters didn't take any chances inside using self- contained breathing apparatuses. personal trainer told me what happened right before they evacuated about 150 people from the building. >> one of my other clients came up to me and said, hey marlon there's something really strong in the bathroom. really strong and burning sensation, her ey
. >> we have $700 charge at staples in washington state. >> reporter: emily henry says unusual charges on her husband's credit card started popping up months ago. >> $26 charge at mcdonalds in nevato. >> reporter: henry is also the editor of the concord patch news website. she recently discovered she's not the only customer who's had her information stolen. >> there was one commenter today said they've had thousands, thousands of dollars taken out. >> we're doing everything we can so this never happens again. >> owner j.j. fare says about 30 customers have told him their debit and credit card information was stolen so far. every time a busy swipes a credit card that information is collected by a third party so the business can get paid. but in this case, they believe that a hacker was able to infiltrate without even being in the business. >> reporter: did you pay cash? >> i did pay cash tonight. i did. >> reporter: we're told most of the customers have been refunded. >>> it was all caught on video, the video take a look at this it shows two men in a car pointing a gun right at that cou
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